i find myself at pubs, trying to entertain myself. i used to get so smashed that i could be entertained by counting the numbers of tiles on a ceiling, losing count, laughing, then starting all over again.

don’t get me wrong: i dance. i talk. i bs. i laugh. but as far as being entertained? meh.

i’ve realized a lot of people my age and around it use drinking as a hobby. not “i’ll have a couple drinks while i enjoy my hobby.” but more of “what are you doing tonight?” “getting wasted.”

so i’m experimenting. i brought jenga to the bar last night. thinking it would be super fun to play while everyone drank, bs’ed, etc.

not a single person thought it was a good idea.

me: “you guys are lame.”

L: “you brought jenga to a bar and are drinking o’douls and calling us lame?”


so i guess i’m still figuring it all out. maybe coffee shops instead of bars? get a new hobby? already looking to volunteering on the weekends.

i’ve also been thinking about starting a weekly euchre night at some pubs/cafes. maybe a jenga night too? (don’t lie- that shit is fun.)

i need a new weekend obsession.